Incorporating SMS Texting into Nurturing Strategy Provides Lift in Traffic & Conversions

About the Partner

This Thruline partner of more than 10 years is a large, nonprofit university with multiple campuses throughout Florida and a strong online presence. The university was seeking to increase enrollment efficiency and improve the effectiveness of nurturing campaigns.


The Story

This university had long seen success with being open to testing new ways of reaching and interacting with prospective students. Thruline Marketing saw an opportunity to leverage SMS texting in tandem with the existing email campaigns to support nurturing prospective students from inquiry to application and enrollment.


The Strategy and Execution

Thruline deployed an SMS campaign to let prospective students know that the university was still enrolling for their upcoming Fall classes.  The text accompanied an email that was also sent to the same recipients.  The text was sent out to approximately 33,000 recipients who had inquired with the university over the past 9 months.


The ad copy for the SMS message was personalized and mirrored the messaging of the email drop, with a call to action that emphasized “it’s not too late to enroll for fall classes.”  



On the day the text dropped, the partner saw a 185% lift in direct traffic to the landing page and a 350% lift in conversions. 


  • Invest in a multi-faceted nurturing campaign that connects with prospective students via multiple channels.
  • Leverage a message of urgency around application or enrollment deadlines to motivate prospective students to take the next step.