Mobile Landing Page Improvements Drive Growth for Post University


About the Partner

Based in Waterbury, Connecticut and founded in 1890, Post University offers over 25 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. In addition to its traditional residential campus, Post has become the largest provider of fully online higher education programs in Connecticut, all while maintaining its commitment to preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s careers.


The Story

Post University tasked Thruline Marketing with achieving growth from their Google Adwords campaigns. Thruline identified mobile as a huge area of opportunity for Post, as their existing Adwords campaigns saw low conversion rates and high costs per conversion for mobile traffic.


The Strategy and Execution

Through analysis of campaign performance, Thruline determined that a poor user experience on mobile devices was driving Post’s poor mobile performance and limiting the growth and profitability of their PPC campaigns. Thruline designed and executed a responsive mobile site design, providing a more customized experience for users navigating the site on their mobile devices. Mobile bid adjustments were also revised and ad extension coverage was improved, providing a better user experience to users researching Post University on their mobile devices.



• Inquiries from mobile devices increased by 561% from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017.

• Efficiency was also a top concern; mobile CPI decreased by 30% from Q1 2016 to Q1 2017.



Landing page experience plays a huge role in Adwords advertising effectiveness.

Consideration of what mobile users need from your site is critical to finding success with mobile.

Providing more effective ads with relevant ad extensions and an easier-to-navigate mobile landing page can drive huge gains in efficiency and help position brands to scale within the mobile space.