Granular Targeting Strategy Drives Balanced Growth For Two Graduate Degree Programs


About The Partner

The University of Texas, Dallas is one of the top-ranked public universities in Texas, offering more than 140 degree programs with cutting-edge curricula serving a variety of undergraduate and graduate student interests.


The Story

The partner sought growth from two of their related programs: the Executive MBA and the Global Leadership Executive MBA. With an extremely similar target audience, driving balanced growth for both programs was a challenge.


The Strategy And Execution

Using historical enrollment data, we analyzed the performance of each program at a geographic level to determine the markets where each program would have the highest likelihood of success.

Armed with this data, we instituted a rigorous geo-targeting strategy within Adwords, applying location targets and exclusions thoughtfully on campaigns specific to the EMBA and GLEMBA programs. In this way, we were able to tightly control the messaging strategy and program-specific advertising in individual markets.



• Four months into the campaign, we met 140% of the EMBA inquiry goal, and 100% of the GLEMBA inquiry goal

• Total inquiry goal was exceeded by 25%



Understanding your audience is key to serving the right message and the most relevant program to prospective students.

Even for very similar academic programs, differentiation should drive your targeting and messaging strategy.