33rd Annual Educational Advertising Awards

Post University & Thruline Marketing Take Home Gold for the “Post Makes It Personal” Campaign

307 institutions out of the 2,250 entries won gold this year in the 33rd annual Education Advertising Awards, and Post University was among them, winning Gold for both their “Post Makes It Personal” Integrated Campaign and “Post Makes It Personal” TV spots.

As the account manager for Post University, it is exciting to see the fruits of our partner’s and our team’s efforts, although it is a bit misleading to say months of work, meetings, timelines, blood, sweat, and tears (okay, maybe not blood) culminate into this one, seemingly simple phrase “integrated campaign.”

The combined efforts of Post University and Thruline Marketing to rebrand the university and grow enrollments were anything but simple.

For this campaign to be a success, it took immense diligence on the part of our partner, Post University, at all levels of the institution from their marketing, admissions, and academics teams up to their leadership. As a result, this campaign became more than a motto and a rebrand of colors and the logo, but a synergistic shift in the way they serve their students.

The team* at Thruline had to take an equally meticulous approach in our messaging and campaign development. Everything needed to change from green to purple and orange, but more than that, everything needed to “make it personal” and drive enrollments, from the six new television spots to the degrees.post.edu microsite and lead nurturing campaigns. As a result, Post University is seeing continued year-over-year growth in new student enrollments. It would not have been possible without the combined efforts of the University and the Thruline team.

“The Post Makes It Personal integrated campaign was a culmination of efforts that the University, in conjunction with Thruline Marketing, executed this past year to rollout our new brand. While I am pleased with the success and results of this campaign and our efforts, it is how our associates serve our students and how we live our promise, Post Makes It Personal, that I am most proud of,” says Rich Schechter, Chief Marketing Officer at Post University.

At the end of the day, while it is fun and rewarding to be recognized for your work, at Post University and Thruline Marketing, our bottom line is the student. “Post Makes It Personal” is not just a motto, but a culture at the university; and at Thruline, our commitment is to empower people to invest in themselves, to pursue education and attain rewarding careers. That’s the true reward.

*Special shout-out to: Anamarie Tarantino, Brian Hansen, Casey Liddle, Jessica Reed, Lindsay Shannon, Mallory Curry, Sherri Kober, and Mel Parks


Kari Pirtle, Senior Account Manager