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We use digital media to drive measurable results for schools and employers in beauty, healthcare, and transportation.

We’re organized through several different groups under the Thruline Marketing umbrella. Each group offers services and team expertise aligned with the industry clients we serve.


Beauty Schools Directory

As Beauty Schools Directory, we offer beauty schools different ways to grow enrollment effectively.

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Premier Nursing Academy

As Premier Nursing Academy, we attract and train talent for entry-level healthcare positions.

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All Trucking

As AllTrucking, we offer a full suite of recruitment services to fill your fleet or CDL training program with qualified candidates.

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Organized under the brand Beauty Schools Directory, we work with beauty schools to provide:

  • Promotional opportunities on the leading network of websites where beauty students find beauty schools—including on our flagship site,—with a combined viewership of roughly 1 million visitors per month
  • Qualified student inquiries from individuals who may want to enroll in your program
  • SMS and email nurturing programs to turn your contact database into class enrollments
  • Custom digital solutions for all range of marketing and admissions challenges

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As Premier Nursing Academy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thruline, we work with healthcare providers such as hospitals and long-term care facilities to staff critically important patient-care roles such as certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Our healthcare staffing recruitment services help employers fill openings with full-time or part-time staff to avoid shortages or the burdensome cost of staffing agencies.

We offer the following:

  • On-demand, entry-level talent trained in our owned-and-operated, state-approved training programs
  • Tailored contract-training solutions for critical, license-dependent healthcare roles
  • Performance-oriented recruitment marketing services for entry-level and experienced positions


As AllTrucking (formerly Transportation Marketing Group), we offer the following recruitment services to keep your trucks full at attractive cost-per-hire or cost-per-enroll targets:

  • Qualified job applicants for your company’s open driver roles, sourced from our large network of general and specialized job boards and media publisher network
  • Qualified student inquiries to enroll in your company’s CDL training program or your independent trucking school
  • SMS or direct call campaigns to generate and nurture job inquiries from existing databases of experienced drivers
  • Strategic support at any level of recruitment marketing, including digital buys, job board distribution, website and online profile management, and conversion optimization

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