Making a Difference in the World Through Marketing

We are mission-driven performance marketers who love tackling big challenges, are passionate problem solvers, speak our minds, and deliver results. We know that anyone can market a product, but not everyone gets to market a way for people to improve their lives. We take family dinners seriously, care about our communities, don’t shy away from a casual pick-up game, and always have time for happy hour.

We have changed our name a few times over the years, starting as PlattForm Advertising, then Keypath Education for a while, but hey, who doesn’t adjust their style a little over time? Through all of it our core DNA has been unchanged.


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We value our employees and think they are pretty special. We tend to be picky in selecting people to join our team, but once they are here, we want them to know how much we value them and recognize that what they do at work is just part of who they are.

Among the benefits our team enjoys are:

  • Competitive health insurance plans with company-subsidized premiums
  • Dental and vision insurance; life, disability, and AD&D insurance (employer- and/or employee-paid plans)
  • Three weeks of annual paid time off (PTO), with the opportunity to earn more with longer tenure
  • Paid parental leave
  • 401(k) plan with a great company match in contributions and full vesting from day one
  • Annual tuition reimbursement for job-related coursework and training

In addition, we have a flexible work environment with flexible schedules. We care about results and what gets done, not where work is done. As a small- to medium-sized company with employees distributed across multiple states and time zones and each with different family and personal commitments, we respect the need for work-life balance and embrace working productively wherever we may be located (not only during pandemic times).




How we work together at Thruline is as important as what we do. We particularly value the following behaviors and values.

Win together: We play to our strengths and manage our weaknesses, personally and as a team. We care more about what’s best for the company and our colleagues than what’s easiest for us as individuals. We all execute: no one is above any role or task. Accountability lives at every level. We do what it takes to win.

No friction, no fire: We challenge each other because we’re passionate about doing the best work possible. We speak up and ask hard questions of our teammates and ourselves. We rise above defensiveness and conflict aversion to present, debate, and select the strongest ideas on their merits.

Bring data: We turn first to data—both numeric and qualitative observations—to inform our decisions and assertions. We seek input from multiple objective sources to uncover the truth. Judgment born from experience allows us to interpret the data but not override the data.

Fail forward: Success in a constantly changing industry demands innovation and testing. We expect that some risks will lead to failures. We embrace failures that come from building new things if we learn from them. We don’t tolerate patterns of mistakes with no learning.

Make a mark: We conceive of big, bold ideas, and we don’t shy away from ideas just because they are different or off the beaten path. We solve problems where the solutions have a big impact to the company and people’s lives. We prioritize work that creates value we can be proud of.

Get shit done: We view every day as an opportunity to get better, and we push ourselves and others to work hard on hard things. We roll up our sleeves at every level and take pride in consistently achieving goals.

Best Places to Work Multi-year Finalist


When it comes to making a difference in the world, our work isn’t limited just to what we do in our daily jobs. Our team gives generously of their time, talent and resources to any number of local or national organizations. Our company provides each employee with one paid charity day each year so they can contribute their time to a cause of their choice.

We organize an annual fundraising drive for the holidays with company-matched contributions for a rotating selection of charities whose work in education aligns with our own. Past causes we have supported as a company include Rainier Scholars and backpack drives for school supplies in multiple cities.