About Us

A performance-driven recruitment marketing company for high-demand industries.


We’re not like any other marketing company. How so? Our mission is to help people attain rewarding careers through education and training—and we’re so committed to this idea that we’ve vertically integrated to provide training directly in some cases.

The industries we operate in offer well-paying jobs for trained individuals. Our marketing services reduce the friction of getting interested people into educational programs or jobs.

Who We Help


We help schools find the right students to enroll who will persist and prosper.


We help students research their educational and job options—and sometimes make them career-ready by providing the training ourselves.


We help employers solve their staffing issues with creative ways of sourcing qualified talent.

A Little History

If we’re telling the story from the beginning, the story doesn’t start with Thruline Marketing. It starts in 1989 as PlattForm Advertising. PlattForm pioneered higher education marketing and helped thousands of students secure rewarding careers and improve their lives.

As higher education and marketing evolved, so did we. We led the online learning revolution and connected a new generation of students to opportunity. As Keypath Education in 2015, we introduced online program management to help colleges and universities worldwide develop and launch incredible online learning experiences.

Thruline is our next evolution. We honor our past but use everything we’ve learned to renew our focus on students, employers, and schools in select industries that we’re embedded in deeply.

We are dedicated as ever to changing the world through education: one student at a time, one community at a time.

Our Team

We joined Thruline Marketing with different skills and from different cities, but we share a passion for winning together: for our clients, for each other, and for students seeking education.

Adam Lewis
Associate Director, Digital Marketing

Angela Reed
User Experience Designer

Bryan Griffin
Chief Financial Officer

Clint Meade
Director, IT Infrastructure

Emily Courtney
Content Editor

Jenn Lyles
Executive Director, Beauty Schools Marketing Group

Justin Gill
Chief Operating Officer

Lydia Poon
Managing Director, Website Marketing

Mat Owens
Development Manager

Matthew Killday
Managing Director, Employer Services

Mike McHugh
Chief Executive Officer

Morgan Messina
Senior Account Manager

Neal Grandon
Staff Accountant

Nitin Agarwal
Business Intelligence Leader

Teresa Draeger
Director, Content Marketing

Valarie McBee
Director of Digital Marketing