Top 5 Takeaways

Since releasing our 2018 Higher Education Benchmarks report earlier this year, we have been discussing a lot of the key points with clients. For those that haven’t read it yet, or those that want a quick and digestible recap, we put together a few top takeaways.

Mobile First

Mobile search will surpass desktop for the first time this year and your content needs to be easy to navigate and optimized for a handheld device. In addition, promoting content through social media and keeping a robust posting calendar will increase engagement and help you stay in front of prospective students.

People are cutting the cord

Which means where you reach potential students is changing. People continue to move away from traditional television, with over 22.2 million people who are 18 years of age and older ‘cutting the cable cord.’ While it’s important to maintain a presence in traditional media, it is imperative that you start looking to streaming services as a way to not only diversify your spending but also increase your reach with potential students.

Students are in high demand

2018 is the first year that projected enrollment trends are expected to grow for undergrads. However competition for students is fierce in the online market as is growing brand equity. The main driver for students enrolling online continues to be career advancement so in order to separate your brand, it’s crucial to demonstrate how your program can help them progress.

Unemployment has reached its lowest level in 17 years

Yet many employers are still having difficulty finding skilled workers or qualified candidates to fill positions. Our research found there is a significant discrepancy between current job openings and the skilled workers needed to fill those positions. In order to solve the problem you need to assess the current needs in your market and fill the gaps by providing much-needed training and preparation. Check out the Occupation Trends section of the report to better understand employment outcomes and how to evaluate your program offerings to see how they prepare graduates for high-demand positions.

Things to consider when adding a program

The #1 thing students want to know before choosing a program is if their investment of time and money will lead to a job. Before adding a program consider:

  1. What is the current student demand for programs tied to educational outcomes?
  2. How many competitors are offering the program, what is the breakdown of market share?
  3. What educational attainment/skills are needed for the occupation?
  4. What is the current consumer demand for occupations?

Check out the full 2018 Higher Education Benchmarks Report HERE and stay tuned for an updated whitepaper coming out later this summer!