A Year of Transition

Top Lessons 2018 Brought Us

This time of year always brings about reflection and it is crazy how much can happen and change in 365 days. As we look back on the year we wanted to share with you some of the top lessons 2018 brought us:


Brands are built from the inside out

In March we rebranded to Thruline. A large part of the transformation of the company was about really defining not just what we do as a company but also who we are. Everyone talks about how people are their most valuable asset, and when you start to live it and treat them that way, amazing things happen. During our rebrand, one of the goals we set for ourselves was to be a Best Places to Work in Kansas City by 2020. This year, fresh off our rebrand (and two years early) we were able to get on that list. Needless to say, we were pretty excited, but what really made an impact was the vote of confidence and support from our collective employees and feeling lucky that we get to work together every day.


Opportunity is hidden beneath the headlines

We have been living in a time where the unemployment rate hovers around 4% and there are more available jobs than people to fill them. Theoretically, that should give more power to the job seeker, yet over 40% of people are still earning less than $15/hour. The reality is, there is a discrepancy in the jobs that are open and workers with the skills to fill them. How do we close that gap? By creating relevant training opportunities and providing a connection between the student and the employer. Thruline Marketing is making that connection by working closely with employers, schools, and students so people get the training they need for the jobs they want, and employers get qualified, ready to work candidates.


Having a purpose is important

We have the privilege of coming to work every day and helping people attain rewarding careers through education and training. We are defining Career Enablement. Creating ways for our employees to feel the purpose behind what we do every day and working with partners who have the same vision was an important focus of our rebrand. But what we didn’t realize was how much it would help bring a feeling of comradery to the company. Whether we are focusing on the student or helping to improve communities, we are all committed to, and invested in, building a brighter tomorrow.


Happy holidays and cheers to a kick ass 2019!


Mike McHugh