2019 Higher Education Benchmarks is here!

Take a deep dive into this year's trends in enrollment marketing and how today's prospective students are making the decision to further their education.

With the help of our robust proprietary data and research, you can learn about the latest marketing, enrollment and occupational trends and how those trends are dictating the student journey.

NEW this year

  • More expansive details for mobile trends
  • PPL insights
  • Underemployment by occupation
  • Upcredentialing Trends

The report also reveals valuable insights about:

  • Marketing cost and performance trends
  • How students search for schools
  • Social and media landscape
  • What motivates students to enroll online
  • The latest in campus and online enrollment trends
  • Top skills employers are looking for
  • Top occupations and employers by degree level

If you missed our recent webinar with CEO Mike McHugh and Director of Marketing Analytics Katie Tomlinson, download it below now!  


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