Future Focus: Workforce Education

How We Can Help Prepare the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

Last month we talked about how having a degree still matters and some of that evolution is a closer alignment between employers and education institutions. One example is the evolution of Workforce Education. Just recently, Arizona State and its private equity partner launched InStride, an organization that intends to connect employers and higher education institutions in order to provide workforce education.


Education continues to evolve to life-long learning in order to meet the demands of today’s workforce and even though the pace of change in the workplace has seen rapid growth, it is only going to get faster. According to a recent report by Dell Technologies, 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. That statistic seems almost impossible to believe, but we are already in an environment where the skills needed by today’s workforce are drastically different than they were even 10 years ago.


The future job market will require a modernized and highly-skilled workforce with the ability to adapt quickly to changes. Meeting employer’s needs will demand new approaches and partnerships—whether through collaborating with educational institutions, establishing workforce efforts built for scale, or piloting and investing in innovations focused on scalable employment solutions.


The skills gap has been a hot topic in recent years and moves like the launch of InStride show that both schools and employers understand they need to work together and be in sync to solve the problem. The end result will not only be mutually beneficial, but it will also help create the next generation of life-long students ready and willing to tackle the ever-changing needs and expected growth of our job market.


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