My Time As A Thruline Intern

Three Things You Should Know Before Interning at Thruline

When I first started applying for internships, I had the perception of what an internship looked like: getting people’s coffee, doing their dirty work, and sitting quietly in meetings taking notes. I was okay with that because I figured I’m the one who doesn’t know anything; they are the experts. However, Thruline quickly dismantled the perception I had for an internship and below are three things I think you should know about interning here.


You Won’t Be Getting Anyone’s Coffee (Except Your Own)

The only coffee I’ve gotten are the countless cups I’ve filled up for myself from our fancy coffee machine (score!) and only notes I’ve taken are from the many hands-on trainings I’ve received. See, my managers are experts, but they value my opinion too. In my time here I've been empowered to explore new skills, challenged to give my input, and seen countless ideas implemented. Once I made a statement saying, “I’m not sure, I’m just an intern.” A Team Lead quickly corrected me and said, “You have to get rid of that vocabulary, we see you as an employee with great ideas!” Coming to work every day and knowing my work matters has made my experience here invaluable and given me confidence in my career path.


You Won’t Be Expected to Be Perfect

I was really nervous about my ability to perform well when first starting here. As an Inbound Marketing Intern, I was tasked with helping the team execute SEO and social media marketing strategies for our clients. I had minimal experience in social media and had just learned what SEO stood for a few months prior, so to say I was inexperienced was an understatement. However, I never felt nervous about asking a question and was challenged daily to believe in my ability. Perfection might have been a standard I tried to set for myself, but it was never actually expected of me. The learning curve in this company is expressed upfront, so when I felt I failed, I could quickly fail forward. This gave me the room I needed to work on my skills. My managers went above and beyond to make sure I was well-trained in everything I was asked to do, directed me to the right people when I had questions, and allowed me to grow in areas I was interested in.


There’s a 100% Chance You Will Really Like the Company Culture

Thruline’s CEO, Mike McHugh, recently said to me, “Always remember that companies don’t have culture, it is the collection of what all the people in them do.” He’s right - my biggest lesson here is that it is the people who make a company culture. In my few months here, I attended multiple events, fundraisers, and lunches all organized by our employees. Yes, marketing agencies are often expected to have a casual dress code and a fun workspace, which Thruline does, but it takes a lot more than paint on the walls to create a culture. I enjoyed coming to work every day because I knew my fellow employees were passionate about their work, I would be recognized for my hard work, and everyone would strive to maintain a positive attitude daily. There were times I walked in not having a great day, only to have left feeling energized and grateful. The people here will make your internship unforgettable and challenge you to contribute your own piece to the culture.


Thruline isn’t your average internship because Thruline isn’t your average company. They raise the bar on how to work with clients, be innovative with strategy, and collaborate with others. Thruline has given me the confidence I’ve needed to be a great marketer and clarity for my new career goals. Who knew one ”yes” to one internship could change so much?


Erica Fiori, Inbound Marketing Intern