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A New Ad Type Rolling Out in Google Discover Later This Year

News apps, blogs, social media, etc. – All of these sources have become essential ways for people to stay up to date on what’s important to them. However, times are changing, and people have less time to spend searching for things that interest them.


The solution? Well, Google has seemed to create the closest thing to it and are now including advertisers in on it.


What are Discovery Ads?

Late last year, Google released a new feed experience in the Google app that brings individualized content to users even when they are not searching. By using advanced machine learning to better anticipate what content is important and interesting to an individual user, each feed is able to be customized to that user. The more an individual interacts with their feed the better the algorithm can tailor future content to them. Thus, providing a truly unique experience for each user.


Today, the feed is known as Google Discover and has acquired more than 800 million active users each month. With such drastic growth in a short period of time, Google has decided to spread the love and open this new pool of prospects for advertisers to target.


Introduction of Discovery Ads  

At Google Marketing Live 2019, Google’s first product announcement (drumroll please) … was Discovery Ads. A new ad type that would serve as native content in the feed of Discover. Ultimately, allowing advertisers to reach new prospects while they are already in the mindset of finding something new. This will be a huge opportunity for advertisers to take advantage of to expand their reach and show their brands in a creative way.


Based on the native aspect of these ads, they are very similar to those served on social platforms. It is even advised to use similar creative and messaging for Discovery ads as advertisers do for social. Whether it’s single image or swipeable carousel images, these ads are designed to be highly engaging, rich, and interactive ads.


Creative Asset Details:

  • Headline (40 char max) (up to 5)
  • Description (90 char max) (up to 5)
  • Multiple images with at least one landscape required (1.91:1)
  • Square logo approved for a round crop
  • Business name (25 char max)
  • URL
  • CTA string (selection made from drop-down)


Discover and Beyond

Just when you thought Discovery ads couldn’t get any better – they will also be available to serve on YouTube’s mobile home feed, and Gmail’s social and promotions tabs. Google has even created a new campaign type specifically for Discovery Ads called “Discovery Campaigns.” This will allow advertisers to monitor and optimize performance separate from search, video, and display.


Release Date

Discovery ads are currently available to a limited number of advertisers. Although a release date has not been set, these ads should be available to all advertisers late this year.



Anamarie Tarantino, Senior Digital Media Buyer