Google Introduces Bumper Machine

New Tool to Help Develop Custom Ad Creative

Google recently introduced a new tool, Bumper Machine, that creates 6-second bumper ads from existing longer-form content up to 90-seconds. This tool addresses the need for advertisers to create new assets who don’t have the resources to continually develop new or custom creative. Bumper Machine will save time, effort and cost.


So what are Bumper Ads?

Bumper Ads were built to address the changing viewing habits for audiences, especially on mobile, for shorter sessions. Bumper ads are short but impactful videos that will let you extend the reach and frequency of your existing campaigns in a cost-effective way. Google’s initial testing found that 9 out of 10 bumper campaigns drove significant lift in ad recall.

Bumper Ad Details:

  • Bidding Type: CPM model (cost per thousand impressions)
  • Format: Non-skippable ad that plays at the beginning of a video
  • Bumper Ads can work on their own, but Google recommends pairing them with TrueView campaigns.
  • Length: 6 seconds or less
  • Devices: Mobile and Desktop


How does Bumper Machine work?

The Bumper Machine tool uses machine learning to identify key elements within an existing longer-form video and convert them into three shorter 6-second videos. These key elements include brand logos, human faces, relevant/motion, or clear focus on a product while always ending with the final call to action/end screen.


There is no minimum spend requirement to use this tool. However, you will need a YouTube Channel linked to your Google Ads Account that contains the base video of 90-seconds or less.


After submitting the original long-form video URL, it only takes the tool a few minutes to create the three new 6-second videos.


From our initial testing, the tool-created bumper ads are more of a jumping off point and will need some editing. Editing is fairly easy, and you can adjust voice-over separately from the video which is helpful.


In summary, the Bumper Machine tool will be an asset to advertisers, including those without resources to produce creative continually. It provides a free solution for creating short, non-skippable videos in a timely way.


Have you tried out the new Bumper Machine tool yet? What did you think?


Stacy Pendlay, Senior Digital Media Buyer