Welcome to Thruline Marketing

Join us as we step thru to our next chapter.

I am extremely excited to announce our official name change to Thruline Marketing.

About a year and a half ago we started down the line of separating the two main divisions of Keypath Education: Marketing Services (our Agency and Lead Generation services) and Online Program Management (OPM). Ultimately, we found that the customer bases, service delivery models and even employee locations were just different between the two groups. While we wish the OPM group all the best in the future, we focus now on the next chapter in our company’s future.

Over the last year we have implemented a number of changes within the company and this rebrand is an amazing opportunity for us to let the rest of the world in on the secret of how much we have already accomplished and soon will. We have recommitted around our people, our clients and our purpose.

A ‘through line’ is a connecting plot in a movie, play or book. This represents us in so many ways. From our inception as PlattForm Advertising, the company has been defined by the passionate drive of our founder, Michael Platt, along with an unwavering mission around helping people improve their lives through the power of education. Under the Keypath brand we matured and launched new business lines. Along the way we have had some challenges, along with the entire post-secondary education sector. Through it all, we persevered and have a clear vision of where we are headed.

We are building Thruline to be the first career enablement company. We have set our sights clearly on helping people identify the careers they desire to enter, evaluate the education requirements to get there and ultimately support them in getting a job with high quality employers. The aspiring individual is our core customer and we are going to work our butts off every day to help them achieve their career goals.

Welcome to Thruline. We are a sophisticated, insanely competitive, passionate, fun and driven company that is going to make a difference in our community

(GO KC!!!) and people’s lives around the country.






Mike McHugh, CEO