Understanding Marketing Trends

2018 Higher Education Benchmarks Explained

Are you wondering how your stats compare to others in the industry? As the marketing landscape continues to evolve due to emerging technologies, it can be difficult to understand if you’re competitive. Knowing how to stay ahead of the pack is critical to enrollment success.

While ‘legacy media’ is not yet fully abandoned in the American household, this is the first year digital ad sales are projected to pass TV (according to the Magna Advertising Forecasts, June 14, 2017). As our marketing trends reveal, there is very little room for error in efficiency. Think about how you can reach the ideal target without wasting any dollars in unnecessary areas.

To make your marketing more effective, focus on these two areas.


Provide an excellent mobile experience

  • For the first time, mobile search will surpass desktop this year.
  • That means most students will be viewing you on their phone. Make sure it’s easy for them to navigate and think mobile first.

Create more video and quality content

  • Relevant, robust content creates a genuine connection with your prospective student and enhances their experience.
  • Students are looking for an education that will help them get a job, so make sure content provides information that shows how you deliver value. That includes job placement statistics, testimonial and program rankings.


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Katie Tomlinson, Director of Analytics


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