2018 Higher Education Benchmarks

2018 Higher Education Benchmarks is here!

Our most requested resource of the year will help you navigate the challenges of the current adult enrollment market.

Learn about the latest marketing, enrollment and program trends shaping higher education through in-depth analysis of our proprietary data and research.

NEW this year

  • An extended focus on occupational trends including employment outcomes
  • Occupation profiles

The report also reveals valuable insights about:

  • Marketing cost and performance trends
  • How students search for schools
  • Social and new media landscape
  • What motivates students to enroll online
  • The latest in campus and online enrollment trends
  • Top skills employers are looking for
  • Top occupations and employers by degree level

Weren't able to make it to our live webinar with Chief Marketing Officer Tracy Kreikemeier and Director of Marketing Analytics Katie Tomlinson on March 29th? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Click the button below to download the webinar so you can listen to it anytime! 


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